Appearance of Jemincare group in summit meeti……2018-06-25 Jemincare Group donated 500,000 yuan for the ……2018-02-24 Jemincare Group donated 6 million to help urb……2018-02-24 The insurance brokerage company license was s……2018-02-24 2018 school recruitment! Here has information……2018-10-10 Jemincare R&D Center enters Shanghai: In……2018-06-05 Five employees of Shanhe Pharmaceutical Compa……2018-05-22 Congratulations to Wang Haifeng, General Mana……2018-05-02
2018 school recruitment! Here has... Appearance of Jemincare group ... Jemincare R&D Center enters Shanghai:...

R&D InnovationThrough global cooperation, we will continue to improve the drug research and development system combining innovation with imitation.

Quality ControlInternational standard quality system, advanced pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing high quality drugs.

ProductsFocus on kidney disease, anti-tumor, cardiovascular, anti-infection, first aid and paediatric medicine.

Jemincare Group For more than 20 years, Jemincare has been carrying out its mission, insisting on innovation, and promoting the vigorous development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is not a project, nor is it a plan, but the way we handle and operate business, and the total value and ultimate significance of our existence.

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